Copy to clipboard recursively


Ho can I create a button that copy the file paths to the clipboard of selected folders to include sub folders content as well?

Thank you

Following should work:

Set FLATVIEW=Mixed Select ALL Clipboard COPYNAMES

But there is one constraint: currently you have to go through your folder list one by one, so you can't selectively do a flatview on a few folders only.

Thank you for your help.

It should have a select all command after the two commands...

set FLATVIEW=Mixed
select all

But it shows all the files when it enumerate them. Is it possible to make this in the background hidden without showing the tab with the flat view settings?


I think that there might be a different way to do it using the find command and then it finds only the selected files and folders...

Find RECURSE NAME=* IN {allfilepath$}

But how can I pass the find results to the clipboard?


Using Tools > Print / Export Folder Listing is the easiest way to do this.

You can set that to use Flat View, and just the Name (or Full Path if you want that instead) column, and send it to the clipboard in Tab-Separated Format (which will get you just a list of filenames, since there's only one column.)