Copy various folders, using a copy filter

How would i copy one or several folders, but leave out any subfolders or special folders? for example, all images in


but ignoring the content of all subfolders, as well as the subfolders themselves, as in G:\pictures\one\sub1, etc.
I figure, it can be done quite easily through the copy filters, but i haven't been playing around with copy filters
(or the filter system generally) that much, so i don t have a good idea, how. :frowning:

Filtering on location = G:\pictures\one would only copy files directly below that folder.

You can either use three location clauses (ORed together) or a single clause with a wildcard that matches the three folders:


Hmm, that was an example only. It's changing folders all the time, so i can't hard code them im advance.
I woul start selecting the folders, & the filter should know, i only want the jpgs inside of those folders.
Until now i'm using some code with my old "folders only" copy filter, navlock=toggle, & have been putting the files
into the copy queue manually, but i'd like to speed things up a bit.

In that case, try this:

Copy {filepath}*.jpg CREATEFOLDER {file|noterm}

You can adjust the *.jpg wildcard if you need to copy other types of files, just make sure it won't match any of the subfolders.

If you know all the files will have extensions, and none of the folders will have dots in their names, then you can use:

Copy {filepath}. CREATEFOLDER {file|noterm}

The first one already works very well, thanks a lot, Leo. I wouldn't have found that. :thumbsup:

One more question: how can i preserve the "created" times of the folders. I´ve tried variations of following already:

Copy COPYDIRTIMES=yes COPYCREATIONTIME=yes {filepath}*.jpg CREATEFOLDER {file|noterm}

I doubt that that can be done since the command only copies files (it can preserve their timestamps), creating a new folder to put them in (which has no real connection to the old folder, as far as the command is concerned; i.e. the creation time of the new folder is the time it was created).

Maybe i have to stick to the old way then (using the old copy filter). I had a look in the "copy attributes" section of the manual,
but there seems to be no way of extracting the time stamps from folders, to copy them over the new ones.

I have all those folders in the format dd'-'MMM'-'yy, which i want to keep sorted by created date. It wouldn´t be bad, if Opus could
"understand" the sorting of this type of folder names, but i guess that would be too special, since i don´t know, if many users
use this type of folder naming.