Copying a folder onto a similarly-named one

Hi everyone,

Let's say I have the following folders:


Now let's say I want to move the C:\Entertainment\Music folder to C:. Windows Explorer will ask me "A folder named "Music" already exists bla bla bla". Opus, however, will not tell me that such folder already exists, but instead will try to merge the contents of the two folders, and only if there's same-named files inside them it will ask me what to do.

How can I get Opus to behave like Windows Explorer in this case? If I am moving a folder to a place where there is a same-named folder, I want to know about it up front--I don't want Opus to transparently merge the contents of the two without me knowing.



Couldn't find an option for anything like this in Prefs, and was hoping that the WHENEXISTS=ask argument for the Copy MOVE command might have operated on folders as well as files... but it appears NOT to. Sounds like a feature request to me.