Copying AUTORUN.INF files in DO


When I copy "AUTORUN.INF" using DO I received following error:

An error ocurred oping "AUTORUN.INF"
Access Denied (5)

When I copy the same file using diffrent file manager (for example Total Commander, Explorer) the operation is performed without any problems.

Should I set sth in the option?


Not sure what could cause this... it works fine for me from a few of the CD-ROM's I've tried.

How are you doing the copy? Via the toolbar or using drag & drop, or something else?

Access Denied means something has a lock on the file, but if you're doing a copy, and not a move, then it seems very strange that a file on a CD ROM is being locked in a way that other programs cannot read it.

It might be worth a try to go to Preferences, File Operations, Copying (1) and uncheck all of the options at the top, under Attributes. Perhaps Opus is attempting to read and copy an attrribute which isn't supported by the CD's filesystem, although I've never heard of such a problem and Opus should be intelligent about such things.

Failing all else, you could try using FileMon to see which exact operation is failing and which program is locking the file. You can set FileMon to only show events happening to AUTORUN.INF in order to filter out the noise.

You may find it is Opus.exe itself that locks the file, but that can be caused by shell extensions and viewer plugins acting on Opus's behalf. (It's sometimes worth disabling all viewer plugins to see if that helps.)

It is probably my configuration. I am copying files from hard drive (not CD) to network drive. When I copy from local drive to local drive it works.


Sounds like a permissions problem. Check the share permissions. XP be default only allows read access when creating a share. If you want to write to a share you have to manually add that. Unlike win2k which was full control all the time.