Copying - Extracted nested zip files

Opus is showing .zip files in quite a number of folders (toggle show files only)
When I select 1 or just a few zip files and select 'extract here' from the context menu, it is okay.
Files are extracted and placed in the relevant subfolder.

When I select -all- files (97), Opus gets me a pop up

You are copying nested files from a Flat View-mode folder.
Do you want to recreate the source directory structure
in the destination folder, or copy all files to the same
folder in the destination?

Is there a limitation on the number of 'nested files' that can be extracted?


That message is unrelated to the number of files selected. It happens if you are in flat view and select files from two or more different parent folders.

Ah, okay. Thanks.
But eh ..any suggestion as to how to solve this, i.e. how to extract zip files located in different subfolders
but in 1 rootfolder, into the same folder where the zip is located in flat view?

Meaning to say, without needing to go into all the different folders, select the (usually multiple) .zip files there and do the 'Extract here'.

Maybe this isn't (yet) possible though.


Easiest, if using the default toolbars, is to use Archive Files > Extract to Folders (which runs Copy EXTRACT=sub HERE) and then click Same Folder.

If you don't want to have to click Same Folder each time, you can use this to automate things further:

Copy {filepath} EXTRACT=sub HERE TO {filepath|..} FLATVIEWCOPY=single

In the future, the more simple command below may also work, and is easier, but currently it seems FLATVIEWCOPY and EXTRACT=sub don't interact properly (something for us to look into further; for now, use one of the methods above):


waow ...!
That's really perfect, many thanks indeed.
I used the first (Code)line.

Added it to the context menu as 'Extract nested files in same folders'
In cases like these, i.e. when there is a more complicated background,
it is always a bit difficult to name a button or context menu item in just a few words... :slight_smile:

Anyway, thanks again.

Copy EXTRACT=sub HERE FLATVIEWCOPY=recreate should now work in 12.2.7 beta.