Copying file from DOpus to Dopus on different computer across TeamViewer

Hi, it seems Directory Opus does not support copying of files from a Directory Opus instance on Computer A to another Directory Opus instance on Computer B via TeamViewer?

I get an error that says "An error occurred copying 'Filename.ext': An unknown error occured."

Is this a known issue?


Connecting applications across computers would be a terrific feature for Teamviewer, but I am afraid you have to rely on the shared clipboard and the built-in file transfer for the foreseeable future.

File Explorer has no problems with copy and pasting files across TeamViewer. Would be terrific if DOpus can too.

Do I understand you to say that you cannot Copy from DOpus on one side and Paste into DOpus on the other side? Before, you only said "copying", so I thought you were talking about the normal copy button in DOpus...which is not the same thing as using Copy and Paste.

This is correct.

A few days ago I copied files via drag'n'drop between two DO's and TV, but if I drag a folder, only the folder will be copied (it's empty).

Also copy & paste screenshots between works.