Copying files to external device (Apple iPhone & Sony Walkman)

If I connect either my Apple iPhone or Sony Walkman to my PC, Directory Opus (V12.33x64) displays the devices correctly in the Folder Tree, and I can then drill down into the device folder structure. The problems occur whenever I try to:
Copy files (photos) from iPhone to PC
Copy files from PC to Walkman
Delete files on Walkman

As far as copying goes, I have limited success each time I try, ranging from no files copied at all to about 50% copying from iPhone to PC. For the Walkman, copying files to the device usually works but takes an absolute age.

If I try to delete files on the Walkman, Directory Opus will delete a few files (usually less than 6) then simply gives up. I have to abort the process, and allow the app time to recover just so I can close Directory Opus cleanly.

If I use the native File Explorer in Windows 10, everything mentioned above works correctly with zero issues.

Finally on the subject of deleting files using Directory Opus, for just the once each session (where a session is the PC uptime from boot to shutdown) does Directory Opus, stall and have a long pause before deleting files? The delete progress windows always "discovers" 3 or 4 files ((assume I deleting more than 4 files at once).


That deletion window is part of the Windows shell, not Opus itself, FWIW. But these devices are probably using MTP which has a tendency to hang in Windows if it’s asked to do too many things at once.

The FAQs have a guide with suggestions that can help with Opus 12. (I’m not at my PC currently, but shout if you can’t find it and I’ll link it later.)

We’ve also recently found at least one cause of the MTP hangs and added a workaround for that in the Opus 13 public beta, which you can try now if you want to. We don’t know for sure yet if it will cure all MTP issues but it seems to have improved things in our own limited testing. (Basically the MTP stack in Windows will hang if asked for an icon at the wrong time, so we now avoid asking it.)

Interestingly, I changed the preferences setting for mtp_enable to false and (after shutting down/restarting) Opus, I could only see the Sony Walkman device and its two internal drive root folders. Opus couldn't drill down any deeper beyond that. I changed it back again! It's not a show stopper, I don't copy files to my Walkman that often to be concerned, I'll just use Windows File Explorer for the odd time I need to.

Thanks for the response though, appreciated.