Copying files under specific folders?

Hello, guys.

First of all I'm not a english, so forgive me if I write something stupid.

Here is a question.

I'd like to copy some specific files under specific folders.

Let's say there is folders such as c:\source\a\b\c\d\web\e\f, c:\source\a'\b'\c'\d'\web\e'\f', c:\source\a''\b''\c''\d''\web\e''\f'' ..........

Almost every subfolders of 'source' folder have a subfolder named 'web' either directly or indirectly.

I want copying whole folder structure of source folder, and files under 'web' folder.(Including files of subfolders of 'web')

I searched a little, and found out a method of copying only folder structure.

But I also want contents of web folders to be copied.

Thanks in advance. :wink:

You can use a Copy Filter for this.

Some examples can be found in How to filter items by location or sub-folder. That focuses on excluding a particular folder, but doing the reverse is similar.

Great! Thanks!