Copying folder structures containing special files

I wonder, how the function "Recreate Empty Directory Structure" can be enhanced, that it would not only recreate the folders, but also would contain
special files like "folder.jpg". Thumbnail CD covers are preferably named folder.jpg, & hence always have the identical name, it would be helpful for synchronising
thumbnails between different computers. The idea is, to use the folders as a help to conveniently assign the files to the destination dirs.

I forgot to say, that the folder.jpgs should be contained in the appropriate folder levels. Sometimes the top level contains an own folder.jpg, because
of multiple subfolders (CD1, CD2 etc.), which then also would contain their specific folder.jpgs.

Should be a simple case of changing the filter that's used by the existing command. At the moment it only matches directories; just change it to match directories and files called folder.jpg.

Yes, that´s what i tried. But neither "name" nor the other settings seem to fit. There is no "files" type of match.

(Type Match [Folders Only]) OR (Name Match *.jpg, use wildcards)

It's done in exactly the same way as matching all folders.

[quote="leo"](Type Match [Folders Only]) OR (Name Match *.jpg, use wildcards)

It's done in exactly the same way as matching all folders.[/quote]

Sorry, i still don´t get it: :cry:
i can´t configure a new sub-option of the second match item without having it always on the same level
which is wrong. The name match should be indented somehow.

When using a sub option first, the results are the same.

In both examples you're telling Opus to only copy items which are files AND folders. No item can be both a file and a folder so that won't copy anything.

Your second example should work if you change the first And (und) to an Or (oder).

Cool. Of course, it works now. I worried about all the folder.jpgs here, that are default wise hidden, but that´s usually only a problem
in dialogues outside Opus, when windows naturally won´t display a folder choice, because that folder is hidden.

Thanks!! :bulb: :arrow_right:

Is it possible to filter only those folders, that contain at least one folder.jpg inside or the sub folders, while ignoring all folder structures
with no cover art at all?

Ok, this isn´t that important, it was only a theoretical question. The simpler way is to make alle folders in flat view & show the relative paths, so i can navigate through the records in the other pane & the flat view is doing the job. Thanks, this is an awsome new function.