Copying folders from a NAS?


I wonder if there's any chans of being able to copy the folder in the root of my NAS to an intern HDD?
When i try now it just gives me an error dialog saying that something went wrong. So i have to create a folder on my HDD and the copy the files from the NAS and then paste them into my internal HDD for this to work.


You could make a special button that does it. Drive roots can't normally be copied though (only the files/folders below the roots).

It would maybe take me more time to figure out the syntaxt of this button than manually do this operation.
My NAS has problems and i must reinstall or reset it to factory settings. Thats why i wonder about this. So this function will not be used very often. :slight_smile:


How many drives do you have to copy? If it won't be used often then what's wrong with making a folder for each drive and copying the files manually? It'd take less time than we've spent talking in this thread. :slight_smile:

If it's something you need to do a lot then we can work out the command, but it doesn't seem like it is?

I just have one 4 TB to copy so i don't think its a big issue.
I thought there was a hidden checkbox to click to activate copying from a Linux / NAS system inside the settings somewhere... :slight_smile:

It's not anything to do with Linux or NAS. In Windows you just can't generally select the root of a drive (or share) and copy it, since they're special things that aren't entirely the same as real directories.

Unless I've misunderstood what the issue is from the first post. It sounds like you're just trying to avoid creating a destination directory? Or is the problem that you can't copy off the drive at all?

What's the error message? Knowing that might help. :slight_smile:

Aha, my knowledge is not that good here i think.
Yes there's alot of folders to make so i was looking for a quicker way out.

An error occured can't find the file (2) says the error dialog or something likewise.

I'm still not sure I understand. Why do you need to make lots of folders?

Can't you make a single folder for the whole drive (if that's where you want all of it) and then select and copy all the files and folders into that folder at once?

Or is that when the error occurs?

I have a folder tree on my NAS that i wanted to keep when putting the stuff back after i have restored the NAS to factory settings. But i see an opening now in a future likewise situation. :slight_smile: If i put every folder in ONE folder on the NAS it will be easier to copy the stuff from the NAS to my computer if something like this will happen in the future. :slight_smile: It's just the root folder that can't be copied so... thanks for the idea.


I think I understand. His NAS's root is displaying a lot of Shares, not folders. You can't copy a Share, only the contents of the Share.

Highlight all the Shares you want to create a folder for, then go to Edit > Copy File Names.

Now go to your backup location and create a new folder so the Create Folder dialogue box opens, check "Create multiple folders", right-click > paste. This will at least create the folders, you'll still have to manually copy the contents of each Share (the files/folders of each Share) to each new backup locations folder that's named after the NASs Shares.



You're the man :slight_smile: Thanks!

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