Copying folders without subfolders


Before get started, I'm not a english so please understand if I say something stupid.

I'm wondering how to copy only folders, excluding subfolders. I mean only folders I selected without it's contents.

I've tried a few filter.


Because every folder and it's contents which I tried to copy is created within a couple of months,

I thought using that filter could works. Turns out no. Nothing happen, didn't copied any folder or file.

those name nigrhianei;gninfei, It's nothing. Just random word, because there is no such folder.

Didn't works too.

I thought [name, no match, nieageinge] would include every subfolders, and [subfolder, no match] would reverse that resulting in none.

Well, I've been searching, I have found these.

Yeap. There is a solution. I'm just confused why those filter doesn't work.

PS. the first clause of a picture. I learned it from the link. Thank you very much.

The filters don't work because they exclude the folders you're trying to copy themselves.

I don't get it. subfolder includes the folder i try to copy?

If you are in a folder, and select a sub-folder, and then use a filter that excludes all sub-folders (like subfolder-nomatch-*), then it will be skipped.

I think that is what is happening.