Copying is 10x slower when network drive letter is A: or B:

When copying to A: or B: network drive then Network computer HDD wery loudly seeking and copyng is 10x slower.

When using same network share but connected different drive letter than A: or B: then everything + speed is normal.

Its very annoying problem because i want that particiual network share is connected to A: letter.

Can someone try this? I think it is Directory Opus bug, because this problem did not appear in Windows Explorer

Waiting fix to this bug :confused:

I didn't understand why that happened with my second external HD but now you've solved the mystery. My drive was indeed B: and when I now changed it into M: the grinding noise stopped and copy speeds went back to normal.

This happens only with Opus. I've tried it with Explorer, xcopy and Robocopy and it doesn't happen with them.

Confirmed, reported to GPSoftware and confirmed as fixed in the next update.

The same goes for USB drives with drive letter A: or B:

That got fixed in

I'm told that the fix for A:/B: HDD/network copy speed in may have an unwanted side-effect where copies to removable drives (on any drive letter) may now be slower. That's being worked on.

So if the A:/B: issue affected you, fixes it, but if you find copying to removable drives is slow then stick with for now.

Just experienced extremely slow file copy, on external USB drive L: in version No problems when copying with Windows Explorer.
Will wait for

Thanks for fixing this problem :smiley: