Copying .mov file QuickTime-CreationDate to File Creation Date

Please help me figure out how to copy the QuickTime-CreationDate of .mov files to the File Created Date. I am using ExifTool Custom Columns.
I can copy the date to another QuickTime field using an Exiftool command, but I can't figure out how to copy it a file properties field.
Can I use an Exiftool command and SetAttr META Keywords together?
Thank you.


exiftool.exe "-FileCreateDate<QuickTime:CreateDate" -@ {allfilepath|filem}

Yes. But why? Would be a bit of an unnecessary detour.

Select the file, go to Attributes (usually CTRL+b), paste the date there.

It could be scripted, but as lxp suggested, you're basically using DOpus to do something you can do on the command line if you're using that tool anyway.

Thank you. I was over-thinking this and forgot I can use system properties with an ExifTool Command.
I created a menu button from the command. Thanks again.