Copying & Pasting Faded Effect

I love that new effect in Directory Opus 13 when you copy and paste a file or files to somewhere else and the destination files have a faded effect until the copying has completed.

I don't wish to change it, but I'm just curious if there are any additional settings for that.

Yes. They are called ghost files:

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So, the setting is under Preferences -> File Operations -> Copying Files.
Thanks for that info, lxp. :clap:

Yes, and the other two. In case you want to e.g. change the color :slight_smile:

Sorry for the dumb question, but where is the change color setting, and what does it do when copying and pasting?

Sorry, my mistake, the other two refer to ghost paths, that's something different :blush:

No problem at all. I appreciate your help. :slightly_smiling_face:
At least I know where the settings are.

You can change the colors here:

(I've made a note to make it so searching for "ghost" will find those colors as well. It doesn't usually search the help text like at the bottom of that page, so it's not seeing the word "ghost" there, but we can override that where needed.)

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So, are you saying that the faded effect when copying and pasting can have a different color?

Currently in the default settings, I don't actually notice any color difference. Just a faded effect until the copying has completed.

It uses the colors in my screenshot. The faded effect is just from those colors being darker (or lighter, if in light mode) by default, but they can be changed to whatever you choose.

OK. I understand now.
Thank you.