Copying queue

When copying between lister #1 to #2, dragging files over, they will be put in a queue, which is great, and just like I want it. However, if I start dragging files from lister #2 to #1, they start immediately, slowing down the other ongoing copying process. I would like those operations to be put in a queue, that will start when the first is finished. Is it possible?

Thank you.

Automatic queueing is based on the destination folder.

If you want different queueing rules, a script could be used, but it might be easier to !anually queue things in those rare situations, rather than try to make a script which covers all possibilities.

You can make a copy button or drag and drop menu item which always queues by adding the QUEUE=myqueue argument to the Copy command. (Any other command using "myqueue" as the queue name will also add things to the same queue.)

I do this all the time, so I'll look into those!