Corrupted Hard Drive

My first corrupted Hard Drive after 30 plus years. Here is my error:
x:\ is not accessible
The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable.

It is my storage drive and somewhat important to me. I do have some alternatives, but they are very time-consuming.

Is there a program or a way to save some of the data? It seems I saw something like that years ago. Here's hoping.
HardDrive: Seagate-Barracuda 8TB BarraCuda Pro ST8000DM0004
I know this is out of the realm of Opus. But I feel safer here.

Always had good results with File Scavenger:

FWIW: I've used with great success on dead hard drives.

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Have you checked the hardware between the drive and the PC, i.e. cables and controllers?

How does the drive appear in the disk manangement tool (hit Win+R and run diskmgmt.msc)?

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I am pretty sure you meant :slight_smile:


Ahaha. :slight_smile: Thanks. Yes sorry a typo!