Corrupted video file causing high idle usage when navigating to folder that contains said file

I'm not sure if this is a windows issue or DOPUS but I noticed the other day that DOPUS was taking up 6 - 24% of my CPU at idle so I decided to investigate. Upon investigation with process hacker I found that DOPUS was trying to access an old .mov video I had. Attempting to open this file or even right clicking it would cause DOPUS to crash. The idle CPU usage was gone when I restarted DOPUS and I could trigger it again simply by navigating to the folder that contained the .mov video.

I can confirm that force deleting the file via command prompt fixes the issue but unfortunately I did not think of testing it out in explorer before deleting it to see if the behavior persisted there as well.

Likely a codec issue, unless it was MediaInfo processing the file for metadata.

Were any crash logs created?

Unfortunately not. Crash was probably not the appropriate wording on my part, DOPUS would just hang and remain non-responsive until I force closed it when attempting to open said file.

Could very well be the Codecs, I have the default K-Lite codecs and .mov is a very old format.

If it's hanging rather than crashing, we can look at process snapshots if you make some. Those may indicate which component is having problems.

I could but without the problem file I'm not sure they'd be of any use to you. Boneheaded move on my part, I should have made a copy of the file via command prompt to a different folder before testing to see if deleting the file fixed the issue. If you still want a processes snapshot anyways though just say the world.