Cosmetic bug: Drive (fixed or removable) is often missing the label

One drive (fixed or removable) is often missing the drive icon (and label) at first run of the day quite
consistently. In my case it is usually c: or d: drive (both are partitions on the same fixed drive,
regular mechanical).

GO REBUILDTREE restores said icon and label when they're missing.

This has been the case over the course of several minor versions, hence why I found it neccessary to report it.

It's strange if this is affecting your C drive (or any other fixed drive, but especially the system drive, assuming that's what C is).

Drive labels come from the operating system. We just display what it reports they are, and refresh them if it tells us they have changed. So if the OS is misreporting the label for the C drive then something is wrong outside of Opus. If that's the case, you may see the same thing happening in other software, although if it's semi-random then you might need to try a few times to see it.

Removable drives are a bit different, since there are issues with some drives where they don't properly broadcast that they have new media in them. (Also, if dopus.exe is running elevated, the change notifications will be blocked by Windows, since they are sent by a non-elevated process which is part of the Windows shell, and non-elevated processes cannot send (most) messages to elevated ones.)

Additionally, after completely restarting DO, the "File collections" won't display until the same
rebuildtree command is used, even through it is selected in "native display of the desktop..."

Btw, drive labels is set to "C: (Local Disk)", in case it has some significance for the former post.

I would guess that no icon, no label, no representation, would be treated as an error no matter
what, so it should really reread the info in this case.

When this happens it only has the +/- button in the tree, while displaying whatever folders indented
below it as usual. Oh, if it wasn't obvious, this only affects the trees (I use dual trees too).

The setting for what's displayed under Desktop in the file display has no effect on the folder tree. You may have file collections turned off under Preferences / Folder Tree / Contents, in which case they would only appear in the tree if you navigated to a collection some other way.

Not really. A drive may simply have a blank or generic icon and empty label.

If the operating system is telling programs that the C drive has no icon or label, they have to take its word for it. Something is wrong there outside of Opus if it's happening to the C drive.

Oh, thanks, I've reordered the tree a bit after finding the correct settings.

The (mainly) cosmetic isn't gone however, but it happens max one time per DO start, and that is always
at the start of the DO "session". One push on F12 (rebuildtree) and it is gone..until next time.
Just in case, I've checked the windows error logs for related events (disk errors and whatnot),
but there are none.

Additionally I found a somewhat peculiar issue which may or may not be related:

Notice the drives listed in the tree of the bottom half, with Drive: (Label) format.
Now check what it says for E:

If you didn't notice, it is shown in Label: (Drive) format.

That too is fixed after a GO REBUILDTREE.

Edit: The initial issue happened on my brand new laptop just now, W10 x64.
That is, no C: (Windows) label, but blank.