Couple of questions

I currently testing Directory Opus 10.1 for couple of days and have some questions:

  1. Initial Rename

If I have: New Text Document.txt and I rename from clipboard (where accidentally have space to end) to Dokument3 .txt is any way to disable space on the end to get automaticly Dokument3.txt?

2 Extracting from rar

I want to extract files from rar to parent directory, i use Copy "{filepath$|ext=rar}" EXTRACT TO "{filepath$|....}" and thats properly work, but when extracting i can not enter in any directory. I can click on any directory, but i must to wait to extract and than can enter in directory.


(Please ask one question per thread.)

  1. No, the space will be included if it's part of what's in the clipboard.

  2. Try this command instead:


I think that's all you need and it should work better.

Thanks for answer
I try Copy Extract To .. (doing what i want, thanks) and notice that I have problem only when I want to extract file on double middle click (file types -> find .rar -> edit -> events -> middle double-click) only that when files extracting is not possible to enter in any folder, must to wait to extract complete.
If I make new button or context menu in file types extracting work properly and i can entering in any folder when extracting, no wait.

Try this command as a workaround for the middle-click stuff:

dopusrt /acmd Copy EXTRACT TO ..

Thanks, Leo. That is it!