Cpu locking up with synchronize

i was using directory opus 10, before today,,the reason i needed a newer version was the synchronize program ,,was failing to delete files, from destination drive that were not in the source drive,after synchronize

today, i purchased,, directory opus 12,,, i have had one, successful synchronize. between two ntfs sata drives 4tb each, running windows 7 pro 64-bit ,,with 16gb memory ,intel i7-4790k at 4 ghz,with no problem deleting files, from destination drive that were not in the source drive,after synchronize

now every attempt ,to synchronize is locking up, the windows 7 operating system, with no recourse ,except turning off the power.

i need help

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If the entire OS locks up then the problem cannot be Opus. User-level code like Opus cannot lock up the entire OS. The problem most be something at a lower level, such as a hardware, driver or antivirus issue. Something Opus is doing may be triggering that, but won't be the actual problem.

i have had this program less than 24hrs.

i have no conflicts in my device manger.

i bought this program for the synchronize program.

i have tried everything i know how to do, to run this program with out,, Opus,, triggering a operating a win7 lockup.

there is no other program , on my win7 operating system, that is or has caused the operating system to lock up , from the time this computer was started in September 2016.

if you don't have any suggestions what to next.

is there a refund available ,, ???

i need help

If it happens when using sync, it's probably triggered by one of the files in one of the folders being synced. Working out which file or folder triggers it may lead to the underlying cause.

The system event log may also have information about which part of Windows is freezing. I would look there first.

i found the problem, when comparing files before synchronize , it takes and locks up all system resources,nothing else can work in the background until it starts comparing files.

apparently ,,,it reads the files first ,i have 492,714 files with 33,902 folders ,its size is 2.64tb,to synchronize,,that's when all system resources are locking up, once it starts to compare files ,no system resource problems.

i was not patient enough, in waiting, it took more than one hour to read the files ,that's when i thought the win7 operating system was locking up,the task manger said directory opus is not responding ,but in reality it was trying to read the files,,,before comparing them. then it took more than 2 hrs to compare them,,i have not got to synchronize yet,

is this normal read & compare times for a 4tb sata internal hard drive???

i need help

So it was not locking up Windows, such that you have to kill power to do anything with the computer; Opus was just taking a long time while the rest of the OS and other applications continued to work? That's a very different situation to what I thought we were talking about before, so what I said above no longer applies.

Synchronize will take a while to gather information about all of the files, especially if you have a very large nested folder structure. It won't read data from inside the files (unless the file display is in a mode which causes that; e.g. displaying thumbnails, or columns like Description, Width or Height which cause file contents to be read). But collating all of the file & folder details can take a while if there is a huge number of files.

For the interactive sync tool (Tools > Synchronize Files), total file size won't matter much (other than inherent overheads of copying the data), but total number of files will. The interactive sync tool in Opus is best suited to small-to-medium folder structures. Half a million files is probably more than I would recommend with that particular tool.

Opus has other types of file synching which are more suited to large folder structures, but won't give you the interactive list of everything that is going to be synched before the sync happens. For example, within the menu attached to the Copy Files button, you can find the Update All and Update Existing commands, which will do a copy from one side to the other and automatically skip files which have not changed. (One will also copy new files, while the other skips new files that have no equivalent in the destination.)

We may improve the interactive sync tool in the future. An alternative, if you want interactive synching of huge folder structures, is to integrate one of the tools which is dedicated to that job into Opus. This can work well, since it will work as a button in Opus which launches the dedicated sync UI between the two folders you are currently displaying. This also gives you diff/merge tools to use directly from Opus for comparing and editing individual files, if you need that.

The External Compare and Merge Tools 2.0 menu provides integrations with various tools. The folder compare ones are what you want here, if you want interactive folder synching. Of the tools that menu supports, KDiff3 and WinMerge are both free and do folder comparisons (although the chart in the post is missing that info for WinMerge; not sure if the menu needs updating to support that). I use Beyond Compare myself, but that one isn't free.

This Directory Opus program uses all system resources ,,while reading the file structure ,before scanning files for synchronizing, you cannot do anything else, example ,email, reading web pages, typing a letter, watching utube videos.
this takes more than 1hr, with ,windows 7 ,intel 8 core i7-4790k @ 4.00ghz ,with 16 gb of installed ram, my computer has, no system resources, acts like the operating system, seems to be frozen, you cannot do anything else, except sitting there,, while you waiting.
I tried the trial 30 days program, I had one successful synchronizing, without locking up all system resources, then I purchased the Directory Opus program AUD$79.21 (Australian dollars)
Now, this Directory Opus program uses all system resources ,,while reading the file structure ,before scanning files for synchronizing
i bought this Directory Opus program for the,, synchronize program.
The Directory Opus program is advertised, as having Built-in tools including synchronize, but it does not work, properly.
I asked for help.
from the free lifetime technical support via Directory Opus technical support forum.
on how to use, Directory Opus program to synchronize , successfully, without locking up all system resources
Their response is,, We may improve the interactive synchronize tool,, in the future.
Their response is,, spend more money $60 & buy another program, called “Beyond Compare” for the synchronizing with Directory Opus program .
I am asking. Again ,,
how do I use the Directory Opus program,, to synchronize, successfully,, without locking up all system resources, as advertised, to mirror files?
In laymen’s terms, or maybe, a detail outline, explaining step by step.
Please help me or give me a refund

If the PC is freezing because Opus is reading some folders then something strange is happening, unless it is very low on memory or similar. It's definitely not normal for that to affect more than the Opus window doing the work. (Even other Opus windows should still be OK.)

If you want a refund, please email our sales address. I can't do that kind of thing and we only do tech support here. But they may point out that there is a 30-90 day free trial period to let you evaluate the product before buying.

You don't have to spend more money to integrate a dedicated comparison tool into Opus. I mentioned two free options as well as one paid one.

I don't work for DOpus, so please don't consider this paid support, or get upset if my advice is not what you would expect from paid support. Just hoping to help out.

I personally don't experience what you are experiencing when attempting to synchronize. It is true that the way dopus does its synchronizing that it first scans the folder and perform the compare. That can take some time depending on the size of the folders and the compare type. Esp if you do a byte comparison.

I just tested a sync with 500,000 files. It took a while to compare all the files, but it didn't put much load on my system, about 10% CPU (this PC is not as good as yours). Given the specs of your PC I would expect a similar load. The makes me think something else is causing the high load.

It could be the HDD, if that is sick the OS will struggle reading all the files. Trying a sync from another drive might help isolate the if its a HDD issue. Also could be USB drivers.

It could also be a virus checker. As you are reading each file the Virus checker might be scanning all the files. Try disabling the virus checker or exclude that folder.

before running the sync open task manager and resource monitor (you could also try Process explorer). This should help you understand what is loading up your system.

Dopus is a great tool and I use its sync feature some times. However sync is not its main feature. KDiff is a very good, free, open source sync tool that for large number of files like you are using I would expect it would be a better job. I believe DOpus is still good value don't get me wrong.