Crash blue screen when opening fonts folder

Hi, I love Directory Opus, it is great!
However, twice now when only opening a fonts folder (from 5 fonts to 100 fonts) I got a nasty crash, blue screen and all!!!
I did nothing besides opening the folder in list mode.

Try the suggestions in this FAQ:

Crash, exit or high CPU usage when viewing certain directories

Let us know what you find.

I read the suggest piece but I am no the wiser.
I have a temporary fonts folder, sometimes containing 2-3 fonts, mostly ttf or otf and sometimes hundred or more. I will empty this folder into another folder thus the folder on the first crash had different fonts to the second crash.
I have Vista 32bit and 4 gb int mem.
What to do next?

I suggest reading the FAQ again, closely following the instructions this time. I don't think anyone can help you any further before you help yourself. It's quite a simple procedure really. It may seem daunting at first but just give it a go.

Hmm, I guess I just have to avoid using Dir Opus to view my fonts folder. I hoped there already were a solution.
I am not IT-skilled enough to solve this myself. Thanks for your time.

Did you try disabling plugins?

I missed that this was a blue-screen error before. That almost always means a driver (which includes hardware drivers as well as things like anti-virus) has crashed.

Since it's related to fonts as well, see if there's a newer version of your graphics card/chipset driver available. That could solve it.

Disabling plugins and turning off extra columns (e.g. the Description column if it's on) is still worth a try in case it helps work out what Opus is doing to trigger the problem. The problem itself is almost certainly not in Opus (since apps like Opus cannot cause a blue-screen themselves) but if you can stop the trigger then that's all that really matters.