Crash dragging from locked tab to another


I made a video of the crash. Simply by copying two files to a network folder

From the folder in c: to the network folder is always in crash.

I suspect that the + symbol in the folder name does not like

Thanks (842 KB)

I cannot reproduce this so far, even using the same folder names and the same two files.

Opus shouldn't mind if there is a + in the folder name as + isn't a special character.

[ul][li]Does it only happen with those two files, or with any files? (If it's only those two files, which of the two files is the trigger? Or does it have to be both at once?)[/li]
[li]Does it only happen if you copy to a network path, or also if you copy locally?[/li]
[li]Does it only happen if you copy via drag & drop between tabs, or also via other methods (e.g. Copy & Paste)?[/li]
[li]Does it still happen if the source tab isn't locked?[/li]
[li]Is Windows Explorer able to copy the same files to the same place OK?[/li]
[li]Is a crash dump generated matching the date & time of the crash? (If so it may let us see which code is crashing, and whether the crash is happening in Opus or somewhere else.)[/li][/ul]

I've tried different files and always goes in crash


Only via drag & drop between tabs, but I must release the file into the lister and not on the tab

only if it is locked

Yes, no problem

I can send you for pm the dump generated during the video

now I write the exact passages, how did I generate the crash in the video

Create a new folder in C: named "Ciao Ciao"
Set THIS folder "Locked (allow folder changes)" (probably important)
Inside this folder, create a new folder "Folder + test"
Copy any file in this last folder
Drag the file into a tab already open
Release the file into the lister and not on the tab

Many thanks! We have found the problem and made a fix for the next version.

Here are the exact details, so you know exactly what to avoid until the update. (I think the only extra detail was that it only happens in List/Icon/Thumb/Tiles modes. When I went back to your video I realised it was in List mode, and that combined with the steps in your post made it happen.)

Fixed crash if you were in a Locked (Allow Changes) tab, had changed to another folder, were in a mode other than Details or Power, and dragged a file from there into another tab in the same file display.

Thanks again for checking the different possibilities and also for the video. Your info made it really easy to find & fix what could have been a very elusive bug.

Very well, thanks for the support and explanation... you are always impeccable..