Crash on SSH with Pageant and a wrong username

Had a crash. A possible bug.

How to reproduce

[list][li]Set up Pageant[/li]
[li]Create an SFTP connection with a wrong username and an empty password field[/li]
[li]Start a connection[/li]
[li]When a password is prompted, hit Enter/OK without entering a password for authentication to be handled by Pageant[/li][/list:u]

What happens
Connection gets rejected, you can see a "DISCONNECT" message in the connection box, and DOpus crashes.

What should happen
DOpus should not crash and display a error message like "username rejected by server".

DOpus (4645) x64
DOpus does not crash when the username is correct.
When writing this post, i noticed the [list=] BB tag is not working.

Is a minidump for the crash created? (It should have the same date and time as the crash.) If there is one please zip it up and send it to me via a private message.

(To make an ordered list, use [list=1] instead of [list=]. The text editor doesn't insert the right thing, which seems to be a bug in phpBB.)

For some reason, the "DOpus.Minidumps" folder does not appear in %TEMP%. I've found no DOpus setting that mentions "dump", so i dunno how to enable that.

But Windows 7 creates a .hdmp file on crash. I've attached it to this comment. (4.42 MB)

I've tried this and can't reproduce it.
What version of Pageant are you using? I tested with the x64 version found here.