Crash on update from 11.5.7 beto to 11.6


using 11.5.7 currently. When I wanted to update to 11.6 via the "Check for Program Updates" all looked fine until the donwload was finished, then I got an error like "Dopus has crashed"

Ok, let Dopus start again. But now I get the crash immediately on the check or just some seconds after a restart.

Will try to update manually anjd report back, but maybe someone can reproduce this in the meantime.



Me too. I tried it just because I saw this thread. I had already downloaded the installer via the forum. I installed from that copy and all seems well now.

Thanks for the reports and sorry for the inconvenience. We've found the problem and will get it fixed.

The crash is caused by a bug in the update checker that snuck into one of the 11.5 betas. If you're running a beta you should download the update manually.

Update with installer works fine.