Crash report

Program Error - Directory Opus
We're sorry, a crash has occurred.
The crash occurred in 'dopus.exe'.

A crash log has been saved automatically. Please use the "Submit Crash Logs" command in
the Help menu to submit this for analysis.

You can try' to terminate the crashed thread and continue, but the program may become
unstable. You should finish what you're doing and then restart Directory Opus.


Thread: 10908
Address: DDD07FF64537E057
Module: Opus\dopus.exe
Crash log: dopus.202402Dg.1637S8.dmp

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Thanks for sending us the crash log (ID 163).

Looks like it happened when using the folder tab right-click menu.

Can you remember which command you ran in the menu?

Indeed it happened on a right-click action but unfortunately I do not remember which one. The ones I use the most are Extract All for ZIP folders, Rename, changing files online/offline status in Dropbox

Apologies as I forgot the most important right-ckick action and most likely the one causing the crash today: "Open With..."

Thank you! We have a fix for this in 13.2.1.

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