Crash viewing thumbnail of single Bullet char in TXT file

I am running v (but I had the same issue with v on Windows 7 x64. I happened to view an old TXT file containing a single Windows bullet character (0x95) as a thumbnail. It crashed Directory Opus with:

The error 0xC0000005 occurred in thread 'dopus.thumbgenerate' at address 0x000007FEE8FB6DC7.

After tracing the problem down to this file, I tried recreating the text file from scratch with the same character in a newly created TXT file and it again crashed. This problem does not occur on Windows XP x32 and it does not occur on Windows 7 x64 if the character in the TXT file is a period instead of a bullet. I no longer need this little file and have deleted it to prevent further problems, but thought I would pass this information on.


Please zip and attach the file that causes the crash and we'll take a look.

Note that it may be a 3rd party thumbnail provider which is crashing rather than Opus itself.

As I said, I deleted the original file, but I quickly recreated it. It is a simple TXT file containing one character, a Windows bullet (0x95). I have recreated and zipped that one character file into a 151 byte ZIP file as requested and attached it.

If the problem is in a third-party utility, perhaps you could pass it on.

...Jim (151 Bytes)

Thank you, I've found the problem and fixed it for the next update.