Crash when disabling Recent List

How do I report a bug?

I think I have found a bug in the release...

Go into settings/Preferences

Go into Favourites and Recent/Recent list

Deselect Enable Recent List

Click Apply or OK and get the Directory Opus has encountered a program error dialog box. It seems to have saved my options that I changed though this time.

(Windows 7 up to date with patches)

Posting here with a linked account, as you've done, is all you need to do to report bugs.

That crash doesn't seem happen for me with, at least.

Does it only happen if you have a lister open when you do it? If so, have you got anything custom on your toolbars which might be connected? (In particular anything that displays the list of recent folders, other than the default path field.)

I have a lister open when I do it yes - Its not that different from the default out of the box setup - Certainly not added anything like that as I wanted to tidy up my Favourites menu.

See attached screenshot.

If you close the lister (and any others that are open), does it still crash?

If so, could you try doing the same thing but with the Folder Tree turned off, and then with the toolbars turned off, to see if any of them are required for the crash to happen?

Closed Lister - From Control Panel/Dopus Prefs enabled the recent list hit apply and crashed...
No toolbars apart from Menu - enabled recent list hit apply worked fine

Attacahed grab of the error message.

Also works fine without the Folder Tree.

Thanks for checking those things! If it crashed when the lister was closed then we can rule out the toolbars etc.

It's interesting that the crash didn't happen with the tree closed, but that may just have been luck as without a lister there would not be a tree either.

Could you see if any crash dumps were created at the time of any of the crashes, and if so zip them up and send them to me via a private message?

Another file which may help diagnose the problem is recent.osd which you can find by typing /dopuslocaldata into a lister, then going into the State Data folder below where it takes you.

Many thanks for your time helping us track this down.

Files as requested - MiniDumps and recent.osd

Many thanks!

Unfortunately, we haven't been able to track down what's causing the crash you are seeing, even with the minidump.

If we get any similar reports from other people then it might help locate the cause. So far, I think this is the only report about this happening so it's a bit of a mystery.

I hope this won't cause too many problems, since it shouldn't be something you need to turn on & off frequently.

(By the way, if you're only turning it off to clear the list, you can create a button or hotkey which runs Recent CLEAR to do that.)

Ah ok thanks - Got it sorted now anyway! Now on the latest beta too - So hopefully it will get fixed eventually!

I am wondering though if it something else Ive got installed thats conflicting with DOpus - Ah well...

Ive just been playing with said options and I have not had a crash yet - Ive rebooted since then so Im guessing it was a transient problem at my end.

Sorry for reporting a bug when it wasn't...