Crash when Opening folders

Windows XP Professional SP3

Directory Opus

Opening a folder using directory opus causes the application to crash. This seems fairly reproduceable, I tryed to open the same folder three time and everytime the application crashed. So far this has happend on three specific folders.

Started using this application yesterday, not installed any plugins, only added a few favorites and a few shortcuts so far.

Using windows explorer to open these folders works fine.

What can cause this problem and how can I resolve it?


If you set the Content Type drop-down (bottom right of the window) to it will stop happening.

Alternatively, drop back to for now (e.g. if you want to use the Content Type feature).

This bug is new in and only affects new users who turn on Content Type detection for the first time. For now, GPSoftware have reverted the main download page to to avoid the problem until a fix is ready. Existing users who still want can get it via the link in my signature.

I've updated the relevant FAQ to point to this thread to help anyone else affected.

Thank you for the quick and excellent reply. The problem appears to be resolved.