Crashes every time I right click on a directory in the root directory

I upgraded a few days ago to Version 12 (Latest) - and I am running Windows 10 Pro.

Every time I have DOPUS opened up to the root directory - and I right click on a directory - it crashes right away... I can right click on a file - but not a directory in the root directory (c:, e:, f:, etc.)

IS this a known problem?

The error(0xC0000005) occurred in thread (dopus_lister) at address 0x0000000006E30C6)

Did you check this FAQ already? It's a good point to start with.

Hello Abr,

A good link - thank you.
However, when ever I try running the MS debug viewer - my machine grinds to a halt. (and I have a powerful machine). Basically - I have been able to get it to crash - I can see some output in the viewer - but it does not allow me to interact with the window - so I have to start task manager - wait 10 minutes - and the close the task (wait another 5 before it closes).
So - there is something wrong with it on my machine.

I am going to send a crash dump that I now have and see if support can help me that way.


The crash dump you emailed indicates this is where the crash is occuring:

C:\Program Files\DiskTriage\DiskTriageContextMenu.dll

If your machine is grinding to a halt when running DebugView, that may also indicate another problem, or part of the same problem. Things should not be outputting so much to the debug log that it causes a problem.

(Things that aren't switched into a debug mode should not really be outputting to the debug log at all, but people break the rules, including Windows itself as of Windows 10, to Microsoft's shame.)