Crashes in Windows 10 (possibly not Opus)

Recently I have been experiences 3-5 crashes per day. A tech suggested I remove three utilities, including DOPUS. The crashes stopped. The first utility I wanted to re-install was DOPUS. I have been a user for many years. However, less than a day after I installed it, the system crashed. It gave me the message that dopus could not find its library dll file. I re-installed DOPUS but it crashed again. I have not re-installed it but I miss it. I have been using DOPUS for many years. I just can't have my computer crashing.

What is crashing? Opus or other software?

What was the exact error message that you saw? If it happens again, please take a screenshot.

A bug in Opus would not usually affect the system as a whole. It sounds more like something else is going wrong, which is affecting Opus.

The error message, as I recall, simply said that a dopus library dll was missing. It meant I could not access files or programs. I have just re-installed Dopus but retained file explorer as the default. I am hoping if Dopus has a problem it will not render the entire system unworkable.

That might mean something is deleting files off your PC, or blocking access to them.

Maybe antivirus is doing it, or some kind of "cleaner" program.

Opus itself would not delete its own DLLs, other than via the uninstaller. I'd bet the problem is something external to Opus which is messing up the programs on your system.