Crashes (solved by reboot)

I recently fixed my computer and opus has been working great until today when every time I open it, opus freezes and I can't use it. I have to use task manager to close it. I tried the installer but there was no option to repair. Is there anything I can do? I am running opus 12.9 but can't check which specific version as it won't open but it should be the latest build/

What was wrong with your computer before? Knowing that may help understand what's wrong now.

The installer can repair by simply installing over the top of an existing version.

Have you waited 30 seconds or so while the program is frozen to see if it eventually comes back?

had to replace the motherboard, cpu and ram after a year of my pc not working and finally got the money to fix it. I wait but it remains frozen. I tried the installer to install on top of it but it does nothing.

If you send us this we should be able to see where the freeze is happening, and if it's in Opus or something else:

So I restarted the machine a couple times before your reply and nothing happened so I shut down the machine and started it back up. Opus rendered my tabs and everything slowly but it seems to be working again. Thank you for your help and sorry that it was such a simple solution. Is there anything I should look for now that it’s working or should I continue using it as normal?

Not if it's working now. If the problem comes back, please generate some snapshots and send them to us.

I will. Thank you very much