Crashes when generating thumbnails from PDF-files (PDF-XChange)

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just I bought PDF-XChange® Editor Plus Version: 9.0 and suddenly it crashes in Directory Opus when generating thumbnails from PDF-files.

Tracker Software gave this answer to me:
Thank you for the screenshot.

The error message is generated by the Directory Opus, not by our software which means that there is some incompatibility between this software and our product.
I'm not sure what this error means so I have forwarded this case to our developers to take a look.
I can suggest to you to contact the Directory Opus support in the meantime because they will know more about this error.

Directory Opus 12

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Mathias R. Schmidt

Opus does not generate PDF thumbnails. If a PDF viewer with a thumbnailer is installed, Opus will ask that to generate the thumbnails. If that crashes, it will crash Opus as well, but the bug is in the thumbnailer, not in Opus.

From this other recent thread, it looks like there is a problem with PDF-XChange at the moment:

You could report the issue to the PDF-XChange team, or try a different PDF viewer to avoid the problem.

If you want to report the issue to the PDF-XChange authors, the crash dumps may help them locate the problem in their DLL. You can find them as shown here: Automatic crash logs (for bug reports)

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