Crashes with v9.1.0.4


since I update to, I get constant crashes.

If you have Spybot S&D installed, you have a new tab when doing rightclick/Properties.

A simple rightclick/Properties and choosing the SpyBot S&D tab will make DO either hang or crash if you close the dialog by pressing OK.

Off-hand I can't think of anything that changed in that could have affected this.

Were you previously using or have you upgraded from an older version?

Have you recently updated Spybot?

Opus saves minidump debugging files in %TEMP%\DOpus.Minidumps when it crashes - if you want to upload the most recent one we can take a look at where the crash might be occurring.

Hi jon,

Yes, i did use before, haven't had a crash then.
I only update the Spybot signatures when they are updated.
Haven't changed the core Spybot program.

I look in that folder, but all minidump files are 0 byte sized. :confused:

I'm also using SpyBot (latest update + signatures) and DO - and it works without any problems. (XP SP2 English)