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Create a button to enable autosize for current folder

Hi Leo, hi all,

Leo, you may remember how recently you helped me to resolve keyboard shortcut for autosizing current folder.

I'd be interested in creating a toolbar button that would allow me to enable Autosize feature for the current folder. I mean enable it and not autosize displayed columns.

I know how to create a button. What I need is the script of the command that would enable Autosize feature for the current folder.

Many thanks in advance.

Do you want a toolbar button which does the same thing as the hotkey you already have, or something different?

What do you mean by enabling auto-size but not auto-sizing?

Sorry for not being clear enough about my requirement.

Some of my folders are not set to autosize. So in order to enable autosize feature for those folders, I need to click Folder Options/Display tab and check Auto-size all columns in Detail and Power modes checkbox.
I would like to have a toolbar button that performs all the above in one click.

I hope I made myself clearer.

I think this does what you need:

Hi Leo, thanks again for your help. Actually please kindly forget about my request for a toolbar button since your suggested YouTube video helped me to discover a bunch of options that mignt meet my concerns. By the way I've just suscribed to DOpus YouTube channel.

Not only DOpus is a terrific application for its features but also for all support media and people!

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Glad the video was useful!