Create Column: mp3 metadata/id3 tag {initialkey}

I need to create a column which contains/displays the "Initial Key" metadata (IDv3 tag) of the mp3 files in the folder. This metadata information is natively available to be displayed and edited in Windows 7, but it seems to be missing from DOpus. But it seems that DOpus is extremely dynamic and customizable and I am reasonably confident that what I'm trying to do will be not only possible but also fairly simple- I'm just having a hard time figuring out exactly where to find the information I lack.
I need to display this data as well as the BPM (beats per minute aka tempo/speed) of my mp3s in columns (in the view details format) along with the artist, genre and other metadata; and be able to sort the file lists by this data as well.

As a DJ & musician, access to this information is critical for me. I use several programs which access, edit & utilize this metadata (Mixed In Key, iTunes & Traktor Pro). And as I said, I have full access to this information directly in Windows Explorer (without using any extensions or plugins) so I know there is no difficulty reading/accessing this metadata. And there certainly must be some way to access & display this data in DOpus.
I'm still in the early stages of learning DOpus but I work in IT and my general, overall computer skill/proficiency level is above average. So if someone could even just point me in the right direction I would be very grateful!

Frankly I'm surprised that DOpus does not provide integrated, native access to this metadata information since it has been directly available from Windows Explorer since Vista. Not to mention the fact that it is used by several very popular programs- especially considering all the other tags which are available in DOpus which are inaccessible natively from the Explorer interface... The particular key that a song is in is a crucial & most basic property of any musical piece- whether a recording or a written score. It is strange to me that DOpus has ignored this critical information for so long.

Thank you so much!

PS I apologize if this issue has been discussed/resolved already- I was unable to find any such threads using several search engines & methods.

It seems, that you have to file a request. At the moment you have only those 20 subkeys in the music department of the columns menu,
which you can see there. The TKEY metadata column, or "start key", is currently not among them, although the TKEY field is
available in metadata panel when browsing MP3 files.

Unfortunately in metadata department DO is fairly fresh, and there are still some pretty obvious features lacking.

We generally add columns when people request them, and I can honestly say you're the first person who has ever requested this "crucial & most basic property".

Thank you all very much for such quick & helpful responses! I forgot to mention that I had discovered the ability to view the TKEY in the metadata panel & in the tooltip balloon popup- which is nice. However, I actually need to be able to sort files based on this parameter.

@jon: I suppose there aren't a large number of other DJs to whom the key of a song is a primary factor in choosing which song to play next- and even fewer (probably none at all) among those who also use DOpus as an organizational management tool for their music collections. I know that most DJs have not yet learned the potential advantages & benefits of mixing by key (or at least utilizing that information when planning a mix) and then also actually fully incorporated this technique. Plus, I believe that most DJs manage their collections with either the mixing software or a media player. So I am certainly in the minority.
I'm just trying out DO right now because I really dislike Windows Explorer very much. This is the first of the alternatives which I have begun to test so far. If it is decided not to add this feature, I would understand. I'm glad I discovered this before I decided to purchase a license.

I'm still a bit surprised that there isn't a way for me to at this column in myself with some kind of command or plugin- so far I've found DOpus to be quite dynamic & customizable it just seemed logical that this would be possible.

I'm guessing that I won't have any difficulty finding where and how I must submit my request...

Thanks again! I'm very impressed with the speed & number of responses to my query- many support forums I've tried to use have been fairly slow if not utterly useless. Cheers!

We'll add this in the next update.