Create Copy of Folder structure - without files

Hi. Is it possible to use Dopus 10 to create a copy of a directory [sub]tree structure without also copying the files contained therein? Thanks.

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[ol][li]Click the drop down next to Copy Files on the standard toolbar, and enable Copy Filter.[/li]
[li]Select all files and folders in the source.[/li]
[li]Click the Copy Files button.[/li]
[li]Select the FoldersOnly filter from the Filter: dropdown and then click OK.[/li][/ol]
If you don't have a FoldersOnly filter defined, you can create it as follows:

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Once you saved the foldersonly filter like aussieboykie suggested, you can make a direct button
using following code:

Copy FILTER=foldersonly

Buttons & Toolbars: Recreate Empty Directory Structure