Create empty folder structure?

Probably, the last time, I did not use Opus, hence I considered in posting the below in the Off-topic section.

One way or the other I managed to create an empty folder structure of various drives,
I was able to exclude specific sub folders like VIDEO_TS, AUDIO_TS, UXDATA, BACKUP, ANY, BDJO, BDMV, etc. etc.

However... the bad thing is: I have no idea how I did it...
Checked out various forums to see whether I could find a thread I posted.
maybe I used 3rd party tool or some sort of trick(?)or a 3rd party tool, again, I confess: I forgot.

There is an item in my Opus toolbar relating to "Copy FILTER="Folders Only", so I went on that way.
In Preferences > File Operations under the added filters, there is a "Folders Only" one.
In the bottom box it says Type - Match - Folder, nothing else.

Question: should I add
regex enabled

a. I have no idea whether this will work, whether the regex should be between brackets, or maybe it is totally wrong, and:

b. How to have the output directed to a specific drive or folder?

Any suggestions how to deal with this.


Recreate Empty Directory Structure (and other threads) have various ways to do it.

If you're using the copy-filter method, you can make it exclude folders.

You can use a simple wildcard; no need for regex. The pattern you have is correct, except that it needs brackets around everything.

For sending it to a particular drive, your own thread can answer that. :slight_smile: Context menu : Copy file or folder whilst recreating folder structure

Thanks. Please help on the 2nd thing, the multiple exceptions. Not sure how to define those. In the Help file "Defining a Filter" there is 1 example with 1 word (horse)
or should I define this per item
name no match video_ts
name no match audio_ts
Sorry, it sounds so newbie..

Meaning this..

SnagIt-11052022 154631

Please re-read this part:

If you want a single wildcard to match multiple names the structure is like this:


Sorry for the delay.
Thank you! That worked out fine.