Create folder and go inside

I want to create a folder in the source windows based on the current folder name of the destination. I have written this:
CreateFolder {destpath|nopath|noterm}
GO {destpath|nopath|noterm}

The first part works well and I can create the folder but for the love of God I can't go inside it!
What is wrong with my GO command?

Replace both lines with this:

CreateFolder {destpath|nopath|noterm} READAUTO

Thank you it works. As always you are very helpful.
For curiosity, what's wrong with my commands?

Not sure what was wrong with the original. (In fact, it works fine here in a few quick tests.)

It might be that the path given to the Go command was just the folder name, not the full path, so if the current folder was somewhere else it would not have worked.