Create folder hierarchy containing only shortcuts to original folders, no files


I am seeking a way to create a folder tree, mirroring an original folder hierarchy but containing shortcuts to folders only. How might I proceed.

Thank you for any advice.


You can use this to create the first and only level.

Where would you expect the shortcuts to deeper levels to be, if you only create shortcuts to folders?

Good point. Not thinking properly. So is a list of shortcuts to every folder in a hierarchy possible. I done a bit of testing bit can't seem to find a way of selecting every folder in a hierarchy to start with. Other than doing it one folder at a time.

Have you tried flat view?!Documents/Flat_View.htm

Thank you. I finished up with a hierarchy of folders replicating the original folder hierarchy with shortcuts ti the lowest level folders but no other files ie folders and shortcuts to folders only. I'll experiment with that and see if it works for me.

Thank you for your help.