Create folder questions

I have 2 questions about creating folders

1- If a folder has 500 files (for example), and I am half way down the list in detail or thumbnail mode. I want to create a folder, is there a way to do it such that it does not bring me to the top of the folder once they are created. I lose my place and I have to go back to where I was. Mainly I run into this frustration in thumbnail mode and i want to create a folder to move the files into. But when i create the folder it refreshes and brings me to the top and then i have to figure out where those photos i wanted to move into the folders went.

2- What command would I use to create a folder based on a selection of files. Meaning, I select a bunch of files, then I would press a button and it would pop up asking me what I would like to name the folder then move the files into that folder.


  1. The CreateFolder command has a NOSEL argument which stops the new folder being selected.

  2. Copy MOVE HERE CREATEFOLDER="{DlgStringS|Enter folder name:|New Folder}"

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Quick buttons for directory organisation - Buttons/Scripts - Directory Opus Resource Centre (

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