"Create Function from Preset/current settings/Preset" not working


"Create Function from Preset/current settings/Preset" not working from Advanced Rename dialog. The clipboard remains empty. 13.0.49 (Beta) Build 8726

Can't confirm. Both work fine here.

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Still not working after clean install.

Is any clipboard functionality in Opus working?


It looks like that rename preset doesn’t do anything?

I have tested it with several presets and none of them save anything to the clipboard.

But I can paste the command into one of the name fields, while pasting outside of the rename dialog doesn't work.

Oh, did you expect it to create some XML that can be pasted on a toolbar? That's not the case, it's simply the text string with the Rename command and parameters that gets copied to the clipboard.

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I did expect it to create XML for pasting to a toolbar and a raw Rename command. Clipboard is still empty outside of the rename dialog.

Generated command is copied to the clipboard as both text (for pasting into an existing button) and button format (for pasting directly to a toolbar).


I will restore a Windows backup later. Maybe it's Windows.

Hey, you are right! The stuff can indeed be pasted (makes me wonder how they did it, cause you can't just paste a normal string, even if it is a correct Rename command).

Happy to report that this works here as well.

That's really odd. Could it be a language problem? I'll try the German version.

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No... works fine in German.

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The problem was the rename dialog which I always closed after copying. You have to leave the rename dialog open after copying to be able to paste the code.

That explains it! Thanks. Fixed in the next beta.

We put both the command text and a button object on the clipboard. Toolbars will give the button object priority, while things like 3rd party text editors won't notice it and will choose the text instead.