Create multiple folders once such as 50 at once

This is what total Commander can do:
Total Commander 9.10; 2017


Create directory (F7), create a range of numbered directories:

[C] placeholder takes same options as in multi-rename tool,

e.g. <1-20>[C10+5:3] create 20 folders, starts at 10, steps by 5, uses 3 digits width

e.g. <5-10>test[C] creates folders test05, test06, test07, test08, test09, test10.
The number of digits is determined by the highest number, but can be set via parameter, e.g. [C:2]

e.g. <1-50>Folder [C]-Test
Folder 1-Test
Folder 2-Test
Folder 12-Test
Folder 13-Test

Folder 24-Test
Folder 50-Test

e.g. <1-50>Folder [C:2]-Test
Folder 01-Test
Folder 02-Test
Folder 12-Test
Folder 13-Test

Folder 24-Test
Folder 50-Test

e.g. <1-50>Folder [C:3]-Test
Folder 001-Test
Folder 002-Test
Folder 012-Test
Folder 013-Test

Folder 024-Test
Folder 050-Test

Is it possible for Directory Opus to do something similar. I copied this from a message board. Thank you.

@tbone's CreateFolderEx script can do that.

I have installed the script but what do I do now to make it work. I download the text file and dragged it in but what next please.

The first example on the script's page shows the command that will create 20 numbered folders, My NumFolders 1 through to My NumFolders 20:

CreateFolderEx NAME="My NumFolders" NUMBERED="end=20"

Change the 20 to 50 if you want to create 50 folders instead.

For how to create a button which runs that command, see the Raw Commands section at the top of this guide:

I pasted CreateFolderEx NAME="My NumFolders" NUMBERED="end=20" into the function on the new button and just one folder named My NumFolders is created.

Couldn't get it to work either... the script might need a little love.

The dialog still works, it seems


Alternative approaches:

For a one-off I'd simply create enough folders via copy&paste and rename them. Or generate the foldernames in a spreadsheet and paste them into the normal CreateFolder dialog.

It looks like the NUMBERED argument needs there to be a %num% code in the name to tell it where to insert the number. Not sure if that's a change from the original script or not - maybe @tbone could enlighten us :slight_smile:

This seems to work:

CreateFolderEx NAME="My NumFolders %num%" NUMBERED="end=20"