Create multiple folders via context menus

Is there a way to have all context menus use the "Multiple Folder" option instead of the "Single Folders"?

Anytime I select "New Folder" I would like to display only "Multiple Folder". The issue is, if I create a New Folder, DO creates the folder but I then have to rename the Folder because it is not highlighted and ready to name.

Which menu(s) do you need to change?

Do you mean no dialog is appearing (inline rename of the new folder), or the dialog is appearing but you want the checkbox in the other state?

If the dialog appears, it usually remembers the previous state it was in last time you clicked OK.

Sorry, maybe I wasn't clear. I just want to have, anytime I click on the "New Folder" or "Multiple Folder" menu, anywhere in DO, always open "Multiple Folder" I don't even want to be able to ever select "New Folder".

I'm not sure what you mean. There is no "Multiple Folder" menu item in Opus, at least by default and that I can think of.

There is a "Create multiple folders" checkbox within the Create Folder dialog:

Maybe screenshots of what you're clicking on, and what you're getting as a result, would clarify things.

I have attached two screenshots. If I right-click on a folder in the Tree I have the first screenshot with Multiple Folder option and New/Folder. If I Right-Click in the files view on the Right Side Screen, I only have the New Folder option. I would like the Multiple Folder option to display in all possible right-click menus.

That's not a standard Opus menu item. What do you see if you select Multiple Folder?

It is the standard DO multiple folder and I am fairly sure I added to the context menu in DO. Don't remember where or how I did it. Any ideas on how I may have done it.

Please show a screenshot showing what you see when you select that command.

I would like Multiple Folder option in all menus.

That's just the Create Folder dialog, as in my screenshot above.

The command for it is simply CreateFolder. You can add it to other context menus the same as you've added it to that one.

For the menu you get when you right-click the folder background, you can edit that via Settings > Customize > Context Menus > Lister Context.

If you need help editing any other menus, let us know which ones they are.

Maybe add the Argument MULTI.

Ensures the Create Folder is in multiple-folder mode if it opens.!Documents/CreateFolder.htm

MULTI shouldn't be needed. It will make it always open in multi-folder mode, but by default it automatically remembers the last mode it was in, so it shouldn't be needed unless something is switching it back to single-folder mode.

The thread is really about how to open the Create Folder dialog at all (instead of the New > New Folder method which is like File Explorer, creating the folder and then renaming it in the file display).