Create new folder

once in DO if i wanted a new sub folder under a drive or existing subfolder it was a matter of right clicking the parent folder and selecting NEW, etc etc

now the NEW option is goneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
the only way i can create a new folder of my choosing is place the CREATE ICON on a toolbar which i dont actually want, as i prefer the RIGHT CLICK method.

so how to bring back this function and also what would have caused it to disappear.


Did you turn on Preferences / Miscellaneous / Windows Integration / Hide Windows items on file context menus (shift overrides)? That would hide the New menu unless you had the shift key down when right-clicking.

If you want to keep that on but get the option back in the menu without all the other default clutter, you could add either FileType NEWMENU (for the whole New menu) or CreateFolder (for a single item which creates a new folder without a submenu or other items) to Settings > File Types > All Folders > Context Menu (choose the "Run an Opus command" mode for the new command).

yes i did, (and thanks for the info), as i want to clean up the context menu as there are items i never use and also the context menu is NOT ALPHABETICALLY arranged, (we have had this argument before about aplhabetically arranging stuff, and you say items are arranged into degree of or fequency of use, while i say they should be arranged alphabetically). i just prefer alphabetical.

as to .....Run an Opus command, im not sure how to access this sort of beast, but in any case i dont want to create a icoon that just does this, but by the by can you tell me how to .....Run an Opus command, just for no other reason than my edification
and again thanks.....

Those menu items come from Windows. Have a look in Explorer. In fact, Opus sorts the New menu and Explorer doesn't.