Create new url file from template


I made a lister menu to create new files based on template. It works for all files but the url and the gpx files.

It is normal that gpx files doesn't work because there is not PersistentHandler key for it in the registry. I read in manual that was necessary. I don't know if it's possible to create one and how to. Help would be appreciated here too.

But for the url file, the problem is weird. Because the menu entry exists (and works) in explorer but not in DOpus. Even if I use the default menu from explorer in DOpus with a button containing:

FileType CONTEXTMENU {D969A300-E7FF-11d0-A93B-00A0C90F2719} CONTEXTFORCE

There are all shortcuts from the ShellNew keys I created but internet shortcut.

Filetype NEW=.url NEWNAME=Nouveau.url

in button completely fails. When I click on it, nothing happens.

Please find in attachment what I made to install templates and create new menu entries for them in contextual menu of explorer. I recorded visual steps in a .mht file that you will open in IE to see it. You'll see what I explained above thanks to screenshots and descriptions.

I made batches to automate installation & uninstallation but please note that I had to manually copy some files because some destination folder refused to be accessed by the batch. I'm new to win 8.1 and all the UAC stuff so I imagined that I had just to run the batch as administrator but it fails because its working directory is different from where it is run. I don't know if it exists an easy way to make batch run as administrator but with the normal expected working directory.
New files help (423 KB)

Easiest thing to do is create the template file you want somewhere, then use a simple copy command to copy it to wherever you want.

For those interested, here is the button code to mimic the default "create new file function":

Copy FILE "/pathTOyourFILE\myNewFile.ext" HERE Select "myNewFile.ext" EXACT Rename INLINE=name

The simplest code I thought about.