Create PDF files capable of utilizing Opus "Containing Text" feature

I want to make some of my pdf files capable of using Opus (12.24 64) to find files based on certain text inside.

I create the pdf using Libre Office Writer where I've pasted a jpg image inside, then use their export to PDF option.

I then open that pdf file with PDF-Exchange Editor and use the pull-down menu item Convert to OCR pages. Here, I set the Output Type option to "Create New Searchable PDF".

I'm not sure of a few things.

That the files are capable of being searched but I've done everything I know to make them that way. The sample pdf file I've attached has been created to have searchable text. I've brought it into Adobe Acrobat Reader and searched for the text "insurance" and Adobe found 12 instances.

However, my Opus Find is not finding that file. I've set the following: "Name Matching" to be *.pdf. "Containing text" to be insurance with Wildcards field checked.

Any tips?

Opus itself doesn't do the PDF searching; that will be down to the IFilter installed by your PDF software.

IFilters are components installed on Windows which convert various formats into plain text for search tools, including Windows Search and Opus.

If multiple PDF tools are installed, they may fight over which one has its IFilter installed, or may break the IFilter registration entirely.

If you search for the same contents using File Explorer's search field, do you get a match there? If not then the PDF file isn't searchable and/or the comptuer's PDF IFilter isn't working correctly.

You can use SearchFilterView to list the IFilters on your system and extensions they are registered against.

Yes, I get a match using File Explorer. And, thanks for that tip.

Of course, I want the convenience of Opus finding those instances. Am I on the right track?

Leo, in a separate thread you suggested the search field in the upper right of the window.

Works like a charm.