Create Text file of Opus Tree. Directories

I'm using Opus 12, and loving it. I would like to copy my B Drive and save it in OneNote 2016. By doing this I would be able to click on the nodes, directory names, giving me the ability to go into the various locations. I do much of this manually now. My reason is to be able to have better structural control over my data locations. If the directories are not active it would be acceptable, at least I could print out my structure and use OneNote's control K wherever I need. I know I can use SnagIt! to copy an image but I would prefer a text file.

Tools > Print / Export Folder Listing can be used to get text versions of the current folder, optionally including sub-folders and any columns you wish it to include.

I'm not very familiar with OneNote but if it can import tables of .CSV data (like Excel) then that is usually the best format to use as you don't have to worry about how wide each column needs to be when using that format.

Thanks again Leo. As far as OneNote. a standard program included with all office products. I remember the day when I was introduced to opus and all I could say was while where has this been all my life. OneNote is the same. Whether you're keeping notes working with Microsoft products, designing, scheduling, project control actually I guess anything that requires typing a so you'll do what I'm doing when you know I could do this I learned how to do this .
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