Creating a Collection from outside DOpus

I am in the process of tying DOpus into my photographic production workflow more fully and I was wondering how easy it would be to create File Collections from outside of DOpus.

I have located the .col files and see that they are an XML file format and that creating one would be generally simple ... but I don't know how to populate the access, create, modify or size attributes of the Item field. Are those date/time values encoded in some fashion?

Basically my end goal is to be able to add functionality to my order management tool that will iterate through all selected orders, and add the *.jpg contents of a selected directory (eg, 'Print Ready') to a collection which I can view in DOpus. I would use this as a quick order review tool - a final check of image quality, color, exposure, cropping to spot problem files prior to sending them to the lab for printing.

This could save me quite a bit of time.

Is it possible/relatively simple to populate these fields via some method?


The fields don't actually need to be populated - if all you have is the filename then Opus will fill in the rest of the information itself.

Thanks Jon! That's great.


This thread may also be useful:

[Is DOpus right for me?:: user-generated collection xml)

It's a list of commands for adding files to collections and similar tasks.

Not that generating the XML files is a bad idea; I figured the commands might be useful though.

(If you do go the XML route, I think you may need to restart Opus to make it pick-up newly created collections but you can easily automate that if needed.)

Wow - thanks Leo, I don't know how I missed that thread. I spent hours yesterday browsing the forum.

That's all excellent data - thanks for pointing it out.

Hopefully DOpus will soon be able to "refresh" collections - that would make the feature even more useful.