Creating a copy of a folder with its saved folder format intact?

I'm a 3D artist. After my latest completed project, I've sorted the various files of this recent project to fit nicely into an elaborate hierarchy of subfolders with numerous unique custom folder formats saved, all contained within a single folder. I'm trying to make a copy of that folder so I have a reusable folder hierarchy template for future projects, but the new folders don't keep the formats of the old ones. Is it possible to duplicate a folder with its saved folder format?

Have you tried wildcard folder formats?

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how exactly would that pertain to my needs in this case? From a quick search I see that wildcards are for filtering directory paths searches. how would that be used in copying a folder?

You can apply a folder format to all paths matching a wildcard. For example, every folder under a specified folder (but it can be more complex than that).

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That could be useful. How do I do that? Any links where I could read about it? I couldn't find any mention of wildcards for setting folder formats in the user manual.

But even then, I have a different format for almost every folder and there are dozens, each with dozens of subfolders. is there really no way to just have the folder format embedded in the folder itself? I would go so far as to create a script for this function. is Python or C++ relevant to DOPUS?

They're documented here:!Documents/Prefs/Folder_Formats.htm

If every folder need a unique format (unusual) then wildcards may not help. One way to tackle that would be to add a special file to each folder that indicates the format it should use, then have a script which handles the OnAfterFolderChange event, looks for the file, and applies a format based on that (or just makes the relevant changes directly, which may be easier, depending on the details).

Opus scripts can be written in JScript (Javascript, essentially) or VBScript. (VFS and Viewer plugins tend to use C++, but wouldn't help here.)

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I forgot to say, there is already a script which may do what you need here:

Edit: Doesn't use a marker file like I thought. I must be confusing it with something else. But it may still be of interest.