Creating a minimal lister

How would I make a minimal lister that only has one toolbar with a few buttons and a file list without affecting my main lister?

Right now when I change the minimal lister the 'master' one changes too. Is it not possible to have different toolbar layouts for different listers?


Layouts save the positions of all the window(s), the directories they are showing, the Folder Options in each window (e.g. Display mode like Thumbnails, which columns are showing, sort order and so on), whether the viewer panel is turned on, same for the Find panel...

Just about everything except for the toolbars.

You can make buttons and hotkeys which quickly certain toggle toolbars on and off which I find works pretty well.

(I found the above here: [url]Trouble Saving Layouts])

This seems related to a concern of mine and one ive seen a few
times on the resource center. I recently read (see, ... ple+lister)
a question about multiple listers and i truly agreed with

I would like to nest more than two listers within the same
dopus. Admittedly, I have not earnestly or successfully tried
the approach of rearranging the listers and somehow saving the
layouts. One of the reasons, at least for me, was the way the
toolbars got in the way. However, if i could have one dopus
open with my regular toolbars in dual display and another
without any toolbars (or status bar) in single- or dual-display
and if i would not have to tinker around with the locations of
both windows that would probably work for me and anyone else
that wants more than 2 displays---even if they arent contianed
within the same window.

Within a lister window there are two types of toolbars: Global and Local.

(There are also Floating and Docked toolbars which exist as standalone toolbar windows that are not connected to a lister. They're not important here so I'm going to ignore them.)

Global toolbars are turned on for all listers, and Opus remembers which are turned on so the next time you open a new lister (even after exiting Opus) you will get the same Global toolbars as you had before.

You can also open one or more toolbars which are Local to a particular Lister. The only way to open a Local toolbar is via the Toolbar command (e.g. inside of a button on another toolbar or in a hotkey).

At least at the moment, Local toolbars are not saved as part of Layouts or Styles or anything else. The only way to open them is via a button or hotkey.

Also, if a lister has a Global toolbar open then there is no way to close that toolbar for just that lister; if you remove a Global toolbar from one lister you will remove it from all of them.

So, if you want to have a minimal lister with no toolbars then you would have to turn off all the Global toolbars, which would turn them off for all your other listers as well. You could then turn back on some Local toolbars in a particular window, presumably via a hotkey. But you'd have to push that hotkey every time you re-opened that window, so it would be quite a pain I think.

It might be possible to automate things by making a command that opens a new lister and the opens the toolbars but I'm not sure how well it would work. You might have to insert delays into the command to ensure the new lister had finished opening before the toolbars were added. Perhaps it would turn out to work well, though; I have not tested it to find out.

Thanks for the replies everybody.

I think what I will do instead is make some global floating buttons that have the names of the files I need uploaded hardcoded into them.

How possible is it to have this?
Left Click - A button that uploads a particular file to an FTP server (with a default file if none has already been selected with middle click).
Middle Click - Changes the file that left click will upload
Right Click - Pops up a textbox with a list of filenames. All those files are uploaded to the ftp.

You could do some of that at least, maybe using junctions/links or some other way of keeping track of the designated file... I can't think of a very simple/good way to do it, though.

bayes wish is similar to what I was looking for as well.

What I had hoped to find (but didn't) was that one could

  1. start up a Another Copy of Dopus
  2. But have it point to a completely different configuration file

Each Dopus could have its own configuration, layouts, and settings.

I am a very new user of DOpus.
Because of the help, care, and support I could see was available with DOpus -- I am now a registered, paying user. Best Wishes.